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Rosetta Hardscapes

Rosetta hardscape products combine the rugged attractiveness of natural stone with the ease of installation of precast concrete.

Rosettta hardscape products are cast in molds taken from actual weathered stone, giving these durable hardscape products a rich, textured surface that captures the look and feel of nature in every block.


• Beautiful weathered stone textures
• Consistent dimensions = fast installation
• Quality materials = long term durability
• Engineered, interlocking units suitable for any application.
• Multiple natural color blends


• Natural stone texture on front and back
• Attractive freestanding and retaining walls possible
• Dimensional = fast installation and no waste
• Natural color blends available
• Walls, columns, steps and more = creative possibilities

Rosetta Round Fire Pit ROUND FIRE PITS  (PDF)

• Matches texture of Belvedere Collection
• Approx. 58 in. outer diameter
• 38 in. steel fire ring diameter
• Square fire pits available by special order

Dimensional Coping DIMENSIONAL COPING  (PDF)

• Chiseled, natural stone texture
• Comfortable dimensions for seat walls
• Formal appearence perfect for any wall application

Rosetta Kodah walls KODAH WALLS  (PDF)

• Unique large scale
• Modern, linear proportions
• Retaining walls and double-sided freestanding walls possible with the freestanding block
• Freshly quarried stone texture compliments a variety of applications

Rosetta Irregular Steps IRREGULAR STEPS  (PDF)

• Available in 5.5” or 7” rise
• Steps palletized with blended pieces
• Pallet of 8ea, 5.5” rise steps = 3,300 lbs
• Pallet of 8ea, 7” rise steps = 4,200 lbs
• Dimensional steps available by special order