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Permeable Pavers

Logo: Willow Creek Permeable PaversWillow Creek’s permeable interlocking concrete pavers are designed for use in environmentally sensitive areas, such as flood plains or watershed areas, and where local ordinances limit impervious surface area.

They are the perfect paving solution wherever stormwater runoff is a concern. Because they let stormwater and snowmelt drain through the paved surface, permeable pavers help keep harmful pollutants out of rivers, lakes and streams. Surfaces paved with permeable pavers are a natural complement to rain gardens. And using permeable pavers might qualify your project for grant funding from a metro-area watershed district.

Willow Creek permeable pavers are available in the Twin Cities metro area exclusively at Patio Town stores in Oakdale, Burnsville and Brooklyn Park.

The Willow Creek family of permeable pavers provides a range of paver shapes and colors that can be laid in herringbone, basketweave and running bond patterns alone or with traditional pavers — to create a seamless transition between permeable and impermeable surfaces. Other choices include Willow Creek Paving Stones Select Series, including Slatestone, Slatestone GrandeEurostone and Dekrastone for traditional and/or permeable paver application. Combine shapes and colors to create a custom solution for your yard!

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