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Landscape Edging & Weed Control

Don’t let all your hard work get overgrown.

Keep weeds in check and yard spaces well defined with our selection of concrete or plastic edging and weed-control products.

Handy-Edge landscape edging for your yardHandy-Edge

Handy-Edge edging block keeps landscape spaces well-defined. This has been recently discontinued. Limited options are in stock, please visit local store to see what's available.

Handy-Edge, with its classic cobblestone look, blends well with any environment and nicely complements all popular landscape materials. The units—which are made of solid concrete—are durable, stable and easy to trim around. Handy-Edge is wider than other edging units, so it is easier to install—letting you build curves, corners and straight lines quickly!

  • Weight:  10.5 lbs. (252 units per pallet)
  • Colors: Natural Gray, Desert Tan, Red, Red/Black Blend

Installation Help


Bullet edging for yard and gardenBullet edging unit for lawn and gardenBullet Edging

Bullet edging is a border/lawn edger with a shape that allows for easy trimming and curved designs.

  • Colors include:  Gray, Buff, Charcoal, Red-Black Blend



Other Edging and Accessories

Select edging and weed control products are available through our online store.
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Black vinyl edging for your yard and garden Black Vinyl Edging -
20 feet (with stake kit)
Cobra Edging for you yard and garden Cobra Edging -
20 feet (with stake kit)


Steel Edging (black only) -
10 feet (with stake kit)


Black Poly for your yard and garden
  • Black Poly (Pro Grade)
    • 4' x 50'
    • 3' x 100'
    • 4' x 100'
    • 6' x 100'
    • 8' x 100'
Weed Block Fabric (Pro Grade)
  • Weed Block Fabric (Pro Grade)
    • 3' x 25'
    • 3' x 50'
    • 3' x 100'
    • 3' x 300'
    • 4' x 300'
    • 6' x 300'
  • Stake Kits
  • Corner Plug
  • Connector Plug
  • Anchor Stake
  • 10" Nail
  • Fabric Staples