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Step 7 - Place and Glue Cap Units

Standard Cap AdhesiveWhen the desired wall height is achieved, finish the wall by placing cap units along the top. Lay out all your cap units before securing them with adhesive. The front of the caps may be placed flush with the front of the wall, set back, or slightly hung over the wall face. Overhanging the cap units about three-quarter inch will create an attractive eyebrow on top and help hide minor imperfections in the wall’s alignment.

Standard CappingSecure the caps to the wall with two continuous 1/4-inch beads of VERSA-LOK Concrete Adhesive along the top course of wall units. Your wall may shift or move slightly—especially in areas subject to freeze/thaw cycles. Versa-Lok Concrete Adhesive is specially formulated to remain flexible under these conditions.

Standard Finished WallBackfill the caps with topsoil after they’re secured, complete your final grading and landscaping and your Versa-Lok wall is complete.

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