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Hardscapes Primer

Concrete pavers, natural stone, retaining walls, permeable pavers — which products are right for your project?

The professionals at Patio Town can answer your questions, help you plan your project, and show you how to install patios and retaining walls at our free Saturday seminars — or offer complete design and installation services through our design-and-build group, Villa Landscapes.

If hardscaping seems like a new world to you, here are some general terms to know:

Segmental retaining walls – Segmental retaining walls are used without mortar and rely on weight for stability, making them easy to install yourself with the right know-how. Patio Town carries VERSA-LOK® retaining wall systems, which give you unlimited design freedom. With a Standard unit, you can create columns, curves, corners and steps plus freestanding and retaining walls without the need for special units. Numerous colors and weathered texture options add versatility in design.

Plantable wall blocks – One of the newest trends is the plantable wall. A plantable core in a retaining wall block gives you the ability to create “green” or “living” walls. Patio Town carries VERSA-Green plantable walls that give a retaining wall the lush beauty of a hanging garden. 

Concrete pavers – More durable and affordable than bricks, which are made of clay, concrete pavers come in a variety of shapes and colors. Pavers are used in patios, driveways, walkways, as accents set in and around poured concrete and more. Patio Town carries shapes such as Brickstone, Cobblestone, Circlestone and Slatestone with some in weathered textures and all in a variety of colors.

Permeable pavers – Stormwater control is a growing concern, and permeable pavers are a great solution. They allow rainwater to naturally trickle down into the ground. You won’t have standing water, and rainwater won’t be diverted to stormwater drains and end up in a river or elsewhere. Watershed districts and municipalities may offer grants or loans to property owners for projects that meet certain requirements for improving water quality, including permeable pavers.

Flagstone and other natural stone – Flagstone typically refers to quarried stone like limestone, basalt or granite that is used for pathways, stepping stones, steps and as landscape features. River rock can be used as decorative ground cover surrounding shrubbery. Boulders are typically used for walls or as a design focus. Pea gravel is used for a base for patios and walkways or drainage projects. Crushed gravel is used as a base rock, filler or a top coat for driveways and walkways.

Whatever hardscapes you select for your project, it’s going to add appeal to your home and provide lasting beauty and functionality to your outdoors!

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