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VERSA-LOK Accessories

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VERSA-LOK Concrete AdhesiveVERSA-LOK Concrete Adhesive

VERSA-LOK Concrete Adhesive can be used to secure cap units, steps, corners and all unpinned retaining wall units. Each cartridge contains enough adhesive to cap approximately 14 lineal feet of wall and will not crack, peel, shrink, or stain.


Installation of VERSA-LOK retaining walls is a breeze when VERSA-LIFTER is on the job. Its patented design, made exclusively for VERSA-LOK products, provides balanced lifting and accurate placement of units, especially for base-course installation.


For use with VERSA-LOK Standard and Cobble retaining wall systems (2 pins per unit).

VERSA-TUFF pinsVERSA-TUFF Snap-off Pins and Mini Pins

Used with VERSA-LOK Mosaic retaining wall systems (8 snap-off pins per Mosaic panel).

VERSA-LOK Soil-reinforcement Fabric *

VERSA-LOK Soil Reinforcement Fabric is an economical, easily installed geotextile designed to provide the additional soil reinforcement necessary for retaining walls up to 8 feet tall. Download PDF for more information.

VERSA-GRID 1.5 Soil Reinforcement *

VERSA-GRID 1.5 provides the additional soil reinforcement necessary for structural wall integrity when the weight of your retaining wall units alone is insufficient to meet your engineering needs. Download PDF for more information.

* Important
Any soil-reinforced wall must be designed by a qualified licensed engineer. The soil reinforcement strength, length and vertical spacing of VERSA-GRID will vary depending on local site and soil conditions. VERSA-GRID technical literature, design strengths and engineering assistance is available from VERSA-LOK at (800) 770-4525.