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Landscape Boulders

Assortment of River Boulders

Gray Trap Rock Boulders, Chilton Boulders and River Boulders are among the more popular landscaping boulders available at Patio Town.

You can create a walkway that looks like a dry stream bed by combining large and small boulders with a flagstone path. Boulders can help you in creating landscaped water features, such as artificial ponds and other interesting accents, plus walls and borders.

When you landscape with boulders, you'll want to consider these issues.

  • Boulders are heavy, so plan carefully. Once a boulder is set in place, it will be hard to move.
  • Building a wall of boulders more than 3 feet tall requires geogrid soil reinforcement.
  • Chilton limestone rock is more porous that harder types of rock, such as River Rock. Over time, porous rock can show more weathering.
  • River Jacks are flatter boulders ideal for decorative landscaping.