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Installation Steps for Handy-Stone & Handy-Wall

Handy-Stone II garden wallStep 1 - Prepare Base

Begin by excavating a trench:

  • 15" wide by 4" deep for Handy-Wall
  • 12" wide by 6" deep for Handy-Stone
  • 12" wide by 4" deep for Handy-Stone II & III.

Be sure to remove sod and other organic materials from the base. Partially embed a portion of the lowermost units to hold them in place.

After excavating, make sure that the bottom of the trench is well compacted. Use a hand tamper to compact the soil, if necessary. Spread a 1" layer of sand in the trench. The base is now ready for the base layer (or "course") of wall units.

Step 2 - Position Base Course

Lay the base course units on your prepared base. You may remove a small amount of sand to make room for the alignment lips or remove the alignment lips using a hammer and chisel. Level each unit side to side, front to back, and with adjacent units. A rubber mallet will help you level the units, and a stringline can be used to keep them in a straight line. Place the units directly next to one another, keeping face joints tight. Place and compact soil backfill to a height that is even with the soil in front of the wall, to hold the units securely in place.

Step 3 - Lay Succeeding Course

Position the next course of units so that the alignment lips overhand the back edge of the base course and each unit is resting on two adjacent lower units.

Step 4 - Backfill As You Proceed

Place backfill behind each course as you proceed. Gravel backfill is recommended to help with drainage. Any material placed behind the wall should be well compacted. Continue laying additional courses and backfilling until desired height is achieved (maximum wall height is 3 feet).

Step 5 - Secure Top Course (Optional)

If it is critical to prevent units from being removed, secure the uppermost course with a flexible concrete adhesive, following the manufacturer's directions.