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Stepping Stones & Stairs

Installing walkways or paths in your landscaping? Put your best foot forward with stepping stones from Patio Town.

From natural stone and flagstone to exposed aggregate patio blocks and precast concrete blocks, we'll help you find the perfect match for your outdoor space.

Exposed aggregate sidewalk blocks are available in circles and squares. Circles work well as stepping stones in gardens and landscaped areas. Squares can be set together for a patio or landing or spaced apart for a pathway or walkway. You can also use aggregate block for stair landings. 

Precast concrete blocks are available in various shapes and colors. Arrange them to create patios, landings, walkways, paths and more.

Chilton Steps are a stunning natural stone for stairs. They also work well within other hardscapes, such as leading up to a patio or where a paver path approaches an incline. 


Exposed Aggregate

  • 12" Round
  • 12" Square
  • 16" Round
  • 16" Square
  • 24" Round
  • 24" Square

Sidewalk Blocks

  • 24" Square

Splash Blocks

  • 30" Plain Splash Block

Natural Stone Squares

  • 12" Rocky Mountain Square
  • 18" Rocky Mountain Square
  • 24" Rocky Mountain Red
  • 12" Bluestone Square
  • 18" Bluestone Square
  • 12" x 18" Bluestone
  • 24" Bluestone
  • 24" Oakleaf Cut
  • 24" Chilton Cut
  • 24" Bedford Stone Cut
  • 24" Mankato Stone Cut