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Decorative Landscape Rock

Yellow KeystoneDecorative rock is a maintenance-free ground cover used for planting beds, gardens, borders, and decorative accents. We have more than a dozen varieties, colors and sizes of landscape rock.

Size typically runs ¾", 1 ½" and 2"-3" diameter. A standard ground cover is 3" thick. But with 3" and larger decorative rock, you'll need to use double the diameter of the rock; for example with 3" river rock, use a layer 6" deep.

River RockVarieties include Bryan Red Rock , Sioux Pink Quartz, Purple Quartz, St. Cloud Granite, River Rock, Gray Trap Rock, Playground Gravel, Fort Dodge White and Western Sunrise. (See bottom of this page.)

Large Gray TrapHere are just a few reasons why rock ground cover works so well:
•    Offers weed prevention in gardens and planter beds
•    Retains moisture around trees, shrubs and plantings
•    Enhances landscape design through its color, size and texture
•    Fosters drainage and helps control erosion
•    Offers a naturally pleasing aesthetic and enhances the appearance of your yard.

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Available varieties of landscape rock (Items marked * are not available at all stores) :

  • Large Yellow Keystone
    Large Yellow Keystone
  • Small Yellow Keystone
    Small Yellow Keystone
  • Large Gray Trap
    Large Gray Trap
  • Small Gray Trap
    Small Gray Trap
  • Large River Rock
    Large River Rock
  • Small River Rock
    Small River Rock 
  • Large Bryan Red
    Large Bryan Red
  • Sioux Pink Quartz
    Sioux Pink Quartz
  • Purple Quartz *
    Purple Quartz *
  • St. Cloud Granite
    St. Cloud Granite
  • Western Sunrise
    Western Sunrise
  • Fort Dodge White*
    Fort Dodge White*
  • Playground Gravel
    Playground Gravel
    Items marked * are not available at all stores.