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Free Saturday Seminars

Learn to install your own retaining wall or paver patio at a FREE Patio Town landscaping seminar.

Led by our resident landscaping experts, these seminars are designed to help you learn methods, tips and shortcuts for installing pavers and retaining walls the right way.

Seminars are always on Saturdays!

 Oakdale June 3 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Oakdale June 3 10:30 am Retaining Walls
 Burnsville June 10 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Burnsville June 10 10:30 am Retaining Walls
 Brookyln Park June 17 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Brooklyn Park June 17 10:30 am Retaining Walls
 All Stores June 24 10:00 am Paver Patio
 All Stores June 24 1:00 pm Retaining Walls


 Oakdale July 8 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Oakdale July 8 10:30 am Retaining Walls
 Burnsville July 15 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Burnsville July 15 10:30 am Retaining Walls
 Brooklyn Park July 22 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Brookyln Park July 22 10:30 am Retaining Walls


 Oakdale August 5 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Oakdale August 5 10:30 am Retaining Walls
 Burnsville August 12 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Burnsville August 12 10:30 am Retaining Walls
 Brooklyn Park August 26 9:00 am Paver Patio
 Brooklyn Park August 26 10:30 am Retaining Walls


Can't attend a seminar?  Help yourself to our online installation guides at Patio Town University.