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Beautiful Slatestone Pavers

Willow Creek Slatestone paversSlatestone pavers feature the texture of natural slate, conveying an elegance that is sure to impress.

And at 7-cm thick, these pavers are as durable as they are beautiful. The Slatestone family comprises three shapes that work together to make installation a snap. With a simple, repeating pattern you can create patios, driveways and walkways that have a random, natural appearance. Slatestone pavers are ideal for both standard and permeable applications.

For additional information and color options please visit Willow Creek Paving Stones.

Thickness:7 cm
Sizes:5"x9", 9"x9", 9"x14"
Pallet:Random Bundles, sizes mixed in this ratio: 2 (5 x 9) : 2 (9 x 9) : 1 (9 x 14)
Colors:Mocha, Bleu, Creme, Patina